This is a list of the 20 best personal finance sites for recent graduates to read in 2013 and learn everything they should have but didn’t in school about managing their money!

If you are a recent graduate looking to join the real world but have no idea what a Roth 401k is or how to payback your student loan while still having a life? The writers of these blogs have been there and share with you some valuable tips.

By adding these 20 blogs to your Google Reader you will be entertained and financially literate by by the end of 2013!


20 Personal Finance Sites To Follow in 2013


1. Get Rich Slowly


Useful daily information about how people actually get rich – slowly. The lessons shown here are not fad’s no get rich quick etc just time tested methods to set yourself up to have financial freedom!


2. Club Thirfty

Club Thirfty

Club Thirfty is a popular blog about a couple who were making good money but realized they were not saving any of it. They quickly decided that if the wanted to “stop spending and start living” they would have to reduce their consumption.

They are working towards being debt free including their mortgage by the time they are 35. Their website includes a lot of money saving tips applicable to 20 somethings!

3. The Simple Dollar


Have you recently graduated and confused by the conflicting and overwhelming financial advice you have been receiving?

Pay down your student loans fast, no pay them down slowly – Confused?

You are not alone and the simple dollar does a great job of making sense of everything!


4. Frugal Rules

Frugal Rules

Frugal rules is written by John who is a father, MBA grad and works in the financial services industry. His focus on simple financial advice like how to start investing is why is a great site for recent graduates to start reading to make sure they get themselves on a solid financial footing.

The community on his site is very active and he answers every comment in the comments section.

5. Budgets are Sexy

Budgets are Sexy

Looking for someone to make personal finance exciting? J-Money from Budgets Are Sexy is great at adding some flair into his useful articles.

If you are looking to learn about managing your finances and be entertained at the same time J Money has you covered.


6. 20 Something Finance

20 Something Finance

GE Miller from 20 something finance has a lot of practical posts on how current events will affect the typical 20 somethings. There are also a lot of great articles on how to live a rich life on the cheap!


7. My Personal Finance Journey

My Personal Finance Journey

Jacob is in his mid 20’s and studying to get his PhD in Chemical Engineering. He writes an assortment of personal finance advice including investing, savings, debt repayment and how to live frugally.


8. Yes I Am Cheap

es I Am Cheap

Is a personal finance journal about a 33 year old who with a failed business and a lot of student loans has to dig herself out of over $100k in debt.  She shares a lot of personal details about her story on her about page.


9. Young and Thrifty

Young and Thrifty

This Canadian 20 something finance site provides a lot of information for anyone from Canada looking to set themselves up finically when they leave university.


10. Young Adult Money

Young Adult Money

David Carlson  is in his early twenties, recently graduated, recently married and writes about finance issues for 20 and 30 – something’s. He writes a lot of very entertaining and useful posts on both how to save money and make more money on the side.


11. 20s Finance

20s Finance

Corey Fick graduated college in 2009 and is now pursuing a Masters Degree. He writes about personal finance for College Students and Recent Graduates. He also includes advice for job seekers.


12. Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Prairie Eco-Thrifter started as a way for an environmentally conscious and thrifty individual to show how she was still having lots of fun. If you are interested in how to optimize your life after graduation to live frugal, healthy and green then her site is a great read.

13. Work Save Live

Work Save Live

This site chronicles a couple who have come from being nearly bankrupt with collections calls 20/day and negative bank accounts for 30 straight days! They openly share their journey out of debt and their strategies. Jason is now a certified financial advisor and writes daily about the struggles 20 something’s experience with money.


14. Money Life and More

Money Life and More

Lance from Money Life and More is a corporate accountant in his mid twenties who loves business and finance. His site covers everything finance related for recent graduates.


15. Young Cheap Living

Young Cheap Living

Kraig from Young Cheap Living shares his story of graduating college and letting lifestyle inflation outstrip his income. After getting in debt with a financed car and student loans he now saves over 50% of his income and is on his way to being financially independent before the age of 40!


16. Debt RoundUp

Debt RoundUp

Grayson Bell pilled up $50k in credit card debt before he finally realized that he would be another 40 years paying it all off. He has paid off all his debt in 4 years and now shares how he did it and more importantly ways to avoid getting into credit card debt in the first place.

Graysons story sounds very similar to the lifestyle inflation problem I often hear about when students graduate and are eager to start living the good life they spend on credit cards and end up broke.


17. The College Investor

The College Investor

This site was started by Robert when he recently had graduated from an MBA program and was working in the finance world.

He shares his industry knowledge and real life experiences when it comes to investing and generating multiple sources of income.


18. Passive Panda

Passive Panda

If you are looking to generate money from a side hustle Passive Panda is great at giving you entrepreneurship and personal finance advice.

James Clear writes very clear articles with a lot of actionable information. The topics are not always personal finance but if you are thinking about making side income I recommend checking out his site.


19. Eventual Millionaire

Eventual Millionaire

Jaime Tardy interviews highly successful entrepreneurs and provides useful articles describing her own story. If you love Mixergy than you will also love Eventual Millionaire.

The site is not about becoming a millionaire quickly it is about working hard towards attainable goals.


20. Studenomics


Studenomics was created by MD who has managed to make side money while in College and shares how he has done it. He has a lot of articles showing people how to manage their money in college including “how you can save $25k by the age of 25”