Consolidation of loans is the course of joining numerous student loans into a one loan offered by one lender. Here are the private student loan consolidation companies for 2013-2014 school year.

1. cuStudent Loans

This private student loan program consists of more than 140 non-profit credit unions across the entire United States of America. The program comprises of the cuScholar private student loan and cuGrad private loan consolidation, which offer refinancing options, and alternative loan that is competitive for students and recent graduates.

2. Wells Fargo Student Loan Consolidation

Wells Fargo is a well-known financial services company in the United States. It provides individuals with qualifications, an opportunity to consolidate their private student loans, that assists in simplifying and reducing their monthly debt payments. Applicants with interest can use the online application available on the company’s website, so that the company can decide on whether they are eligible for the consolidation program.

Student Loan Consolidation

Student Loan Consolidation

3. Chase Student Loan Consolidation

Chase is of the foremost financial services that one can trust when it comes to federal student loans consolidation. The company provides an online application that is simplified and streamlined, whereby one can immediately establish whether you are eligible for their services or not. In addition, Chase has a dependable customer service team representatives who can assist you make an decision that is well informed as you go through the process of intricate loan consolidation.

4. Student Loan Network Consolidation

The Student Loan Network acts as an intermediary that can help you to find out the suitable consolidation loan company to cater for your concerns. Therefore, you can establish a more practical solution to reduce the stress associated with massive interest rates and numerous loan payments.

5. Cedar Education Lending Private Student Loan Consolidation

Cedar Education Lending has a goal of providing private funding options that are reliable, to eligible individuals currently pursuing their degree. The company also offers federal loan programs to primary graduates or the post-secondary. With the company’s competitive rates and offering benefits to the borrower, you can minimize your financial concerns regarding student loan debts that exist. However, Cedar Education Lending has begun its consolidation program for private student loan, which has assisted many people with multiple private loans that keep on accruing high interest rates.


6. SunTrust Private Loan Consolidation

The company assists in making the entire process of paying off your numerous private student loans simpler. Through loan consolidation, you may decide on for a variable or fixed rate, including your repayment selection scheme that is be for your financial situation.

7. SoFi Graduate Loan Refinancing

SoFi was recognized to offer individuals with a chance to address their issues concerning numerous loan repayments. It also acts as a link to alumni and students via a notable lending pool, including a social community where the students, alumni and schools are at liberty to huge benefits. Therefore, alumni get a convincing higher bottom line return, and students get much-reduced interest rates than what the majority federal and private lenders provides. Read here