College tuition and related costs are getting more and more expensive as the years go by, making it more difficult for high school students to afford or even consider college. Due to the credit crisis, lenders have also increased their standards as to who can receive a loan. This leaves more and more undergraduates desperate to accept loans that don't fit their needs, especially when they don't understand how loans work or how to stop around for them.

However, there are companies that provide services and information about loans and their prices, making the experience easier to cope with, mainly for those students who are getting student loans for the first time.



One such website that provides easy tools and tips to figure out what kind of loans are available is SimpleTuition.


SimpleTuition, which has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau, provides free service for graduates and undergraduates to compare student loans offered by both private and federal lenders, so that they can compare the terms, conditions and interests between the different kinds of loans and pick the one that is most accommodating to their situation. However, SimpleTuition does not offer the service of determining a student's credit score to see which loans they qualify for, but this is not necessarily a disadvantage. The constant checking of one's credit score can affect it negatively.

SimpleTuition also provides information on the different kinds of loans, their different interest rates, and the different repayment methods available.

Which loans are available are also based on the student's biographical information and not financial data, which means a student won't find out the actual rates of his loan until he signs up for it with one of the suggested lenders.



SimpleTuition has ownership of ValoreBooks, which can save plenty of costs for students on their textbooks. SimpleTuition also allows students to rent textbooks from them, as well as return them within thirty days, hassle free and at no cost, if students decide to drop the class. With the rising cost of textbooks, this can save graduates and undergraduates a lot of money they could be using to pay off their student loans.



SimpleTuition provides students with other financial services, such as their SmarterBank and its rewards of SmarterBucks. Signing up for an account with SmarterBank grants the student a SmarterBank Visa debit card, where he can earn 0.5% cash back on purchases made under $100, and 1% cash back on all purchases made over $100. Students are also spared the hassle of paying monthly fees for simply having an active account.

SmarterBucks rewards can also be credited towards loan payments, saving graduates and undergraduates on the money owed each month, and every dollar of SmarterBucks is worth more than a dollar in reducing one's debts.




SimpleTuition is a step in the right direction to finding the loans that best fit one's financial situation, while also providing added incentives in helping students pay off those loans through their debit card and helping students save money on textbooks. There's very little reason not to try out their services, provided that they are free and easy to use.

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