SimpleTuition is not a lender but a service provider. You don’t come here for just a “yes” or “no” answer; you come here for options. The site allows you to comparison shop for lenders and provides information about both federal and private options. The estimates given are just that- estimates. When you apply directly to the lender, your rate will be determined by more specific factors and your credit score will be taken into account. The estimates given by SimpleTuition don’t use credit scores to determine the rates presented. This might mean that the rates are inaccurate for you, but it also means that you can get a better look at different lender rates without getting any hits on your credit, which is a very good thing. You can then decide which lenders you want to pursue further.

In the same way that you can search for lenders, you can search for scholarships. Scholarships and grants are the best way to pay for college, because you don’t have to pay that money back! Definitely find out what is available to you in this area before looking too hard into getting loans.

There is a “SmarterBank” affiliation offered through SimpleTuition. This bank offers checking accounts specifically for students with student loans to help them pay off their student loans with “SmarterBucks” rewards. You only need $25 to open the account and the accounts have no regular monthly fees, unless they become inactive. A small percentage of what you spend from the account (.5%- 1%) goes toward paying off your student debt. You can do things to earn more rewards, like shop online through their marketplace and take online surveys. Every little bit counts.

SimpleTuition Student Loans Company

SimpleTuition Student Loans Company

Perhaps you are simply contemplating going to school or going back to school. It can be a big decision, because school can eat up years of your life. “What will college really cost?” is a place on the site where you can start to think seriously about what going to school will look like for you financially. You can compare schools and also get a free report which summarizes your specific needs.

SimpleTuition is committed to making higher education easier for students, not only in regards to student loans, but in other areas as well. Their website has a place where you can search for textbooks, called “Valorebooks”. Here you can search for textbooks and purchase them at prices up to 90% off their original price.

The “PayBackSmarter” page gives comparisons and advice about paying back student loans. It shows the benefit of making extra payments- even $20 a month. Consolidation can make low payments almost too easy, and that ends up costing you a lot of money in the long run. Seeing the numbers contrasted on a chart can be eye-opening. Punch in your information to get accurate estimates that are applicable to you.

Among their resources are a SimpleTuitionBlog, with ideas about how to budget and save money; a SmarterBucksBlog, to give you ideas about earning more rewards if you have an account, and also useful links like “10 helpful student loan calculators”; and a SmarterStudentNewsletter, which is meant to advise you of ways to pay less for college and pay off what college cost you.