Student Loan Network Consolidation Review

The act of consolidating student loans is usually a decision made by a former student who is either looking to save money from an overall lower interest rate, or to provide convenience by turning multiple monthly payments into a single and lower monthly payment than they would otherwise pay.

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Unlike the single loan a person might borrow in order to make a purchase on their home, students borrowing money to finance their education are not offered one giant single loan to cover their college expenses, but are instead offered multiple smaller loans that they can option for every semester, or every quarter. Although these loans are likely governed by the conditions enumerated in the same master promissory note, the loans themselves are individual promises representing no more than a semester or quarter term. Therefore, when a student completes their college experience they become responsible for multiple loans spanning over the timeframe of their college experience, instead of a single loans. The loans, therefore, are not only different sizes but are also assigned different interest rates attached to them. Instead of keeping track of paying back eight different loans, a student will seek out a student loan network and consolidate all of their loans into one, so that they can pay back their student loans by making one payment per month instead of many.


  • The ability to enter into a new loan
  • The ability to define new terms
  • The ability to negotiate a lower interest than the old loan
  • The ability to negotiate for a lower monthly payment
  • The ability to negotiate the same repayment period
  • The ability to develop a new plan to repay your student loans


Whenever a former student is deciding whether they should join a student loan network, they should automatically ask themselves whether consolidation is something they have to do, or if they could do without it. To do this the student should honestly assess their current situation and determine whether they would honestly be able to pay off their loans, as they currently stand. If a student determines they can pay off their loans as they are, consolidation might not be the right option for them.

This is because although a consolidated loan may make it easier to make monthly payments by lowering the monthly bill, because the repayment plan is often longer, the actual cost to the student will be a great deal more than they would have otherwise paid.

If they can get a lower rate then they are going to want to mathematically calculate if they will be saving money by consolidating or at least only paying the same rate.

Student Loan Network Consolidation Review


  • Find out if they can get an overall lower interest rate by consolidating their loans
  • Determine, even if they receive a lower interest rate, whether they will ultimately be paying less or more by consolidating their loans.
  • Determine whether you are more interested in a lower monthly payment or a lower overall interest rate
  • Compare the payments and interest rates of the competing lenders
  • Use a student loan calculator to properly understand the long term differences in the loans
  • Look around, contact as many banks or financial bodies you can and seek out the best consolidation deal you can find.
  • Join a network to save money

Before you start searching for your ideal student loan consolidation network, go through the facts of your situation and determine whether you need to consolidate your loans to pay them off. Carefully analyze the offers the banking institutions, and any other student loan consolidation programs you were able to find and determine whether you would be saving money by consolidating your loans or merely paying for the convenience of making your loan payments easier. Regardless of the specific answers you find, if you determine that consolidating your student loans is your best option, then start this process by running your credit scores and getting your financial and employment papers in order so that you can seek out the best option for you.