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No Credit Check Student Loans

Since most aspiring college students have minimal or nonexistent credit histories, they often look for loans with no credit requirements.  While this sounds like a good strategy, the reality is that most private student loans entail some sort of credit check; more often than not, these lenders will also require borrowers to have someone cosign their loan.  Even if you are lucky enough to find a private lender who does not request a cosigner, you will still probably be subject to different terms and much higher interest rates than someone who has a cosigner or a better credit history. […]

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Credit Union Student Choice Loan Review

Credit Union Student Choice Review The Credit Union Student Choice Loan is available for many different credit unions. A list of eligible credit unions can be found at Credit Union Student Choice Loan rates change with most credit unions. It is advisable to visit your credit unions Student Choice website listed on the above link to find your specific rates. […]

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Why your credit score is more important than your GPA when you graduate

Do you know your credit score? It’s just as important as your GPA, maybe even more so. And it can be the deciding factor as to whether you’ll get that car, that job or that place to live.   When you apply for credit, the lender will pull up information held by three credit bureaus. This information is tied to your social security number. Whatever credit you’ve had in the past reflects how a lender will view you today. How you handle your credit is incredibly important. Your student loan is not dischargeable if you file for bankruptcy. It will stay on your credit report forever, lowering your credit score. […]

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What Are My Chances Of Getting That Student Loan: Credit Criteria

With so many lending companies out there competing for your business, it's easy to fall into a false sense of security about the requirements of getting a loan. Frequently prospective students are inundated with advertisements of money that sound like they’re giving it away for free. If only this were true! Loan candidates should always remember that with few exceptions (like some federal loans); even the least restrictive program will look at that same set of credit criteria for student loans. […]

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Is No Credit Better? Loans For Students Who Lack Credit History

In recent years, there has been a great deal of information directed at young people about how to avoid racking up credit card debt and other kinds of debt before you hit the working world. This is truly sage advice, although if you’re thinking about heading into undergraduate, graduate or professional school, you may have no credit history with which your creditworthiness can be judged! […]

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GoFreeCredit Review

Keeping a close eye on one's credit score is a good way of figuring out when is the best time to take out a loan, especially for graduates and undergraduates. Applying for a new credit line, especially for tuition and the expenses of college life can be a daunting task for those who don't know where to start. It can also become intimidating for those who feel pressured by banks to accept their loans over others, making the shopping around aspect of the entire process difficult. […]

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Credit Sesame Review

When it comes to finding a student loan that is right for your needs, it can be difficult given the high concentration of lenders and consolidators in the market. However, there are more and more middleman companies that allow graduates and undergraduates to compare the prices and interest rates of lenders and consolidators to see which is best for their finances. This reduces the difficult of shopping around, and can make it much quicker for students to find the student loan that is right for them. […]

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