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CU Student Loans Company Review 2014

CU Student Loans is a partnership of Credit Unions offering private student loans to those who need funding above and beyond what they are able to get through grants, scholarships, and Federal loans. The advantage of using a Credit Union, as opposed to a bank, is that Credit Unions are not-for-profit. This means that more savings are passed on to you, rather than fees, because you are a part of the Credit Union; you have to be a member in order to use their services. […]

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Acumen Private Student Loan Review

The Acumen Private Student Loan is brought to you by After applying for a loan on Private Loan Application you will be redirected to the cuStudent Loans website. The main loan option is the cuScholar Private Student Loan. This loan is available for undergraduate and graduate students. […]

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Citizens Bank Student Loan Review

The Citizens Bank Private Student Loan option is called the TruFit student loan. This loan is available for undergraduate and graduate students. Offering fixed, and variable interest options, this is a very flexible loan. There are also higher borrowing limits for specific college programs. […]

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Cu Loan Consolidation versus Wells Fargo

Deciding on a loan consolidation company can be difficult, especially with the problems most graduates and undergraduates are currently facing trying to pay off their student loan debt. Consolidation can help with this process, lumping all of the loans together so that the student only has to pay one monthly sum. However, even this can be difficult, depending on the kinds of loans that were originally taken out, whether they are federal loans, private loans, or a combination of the two. cu Loan consolidation and Wells Fargo, however, only consolidate on private loans, so the student has no worry about his federal loan benefits and rights being erased. But which consolidation company is better for the student's needs? […]

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