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10 Ways to Earn Money in College

When you’re in college it can be difficult to work full-time as well. You may only be able to work part time or, depending on the type of college program you are in, you may not be able to work at all. As a result, you find yourself in a bit of a downward spiral. You’re spending more and more money every day because you need books, gas for your car, food and lodging, but you’re also not making any money. As a result, you find yourself falling deeper and deeper into debt which is definitely not somewhere that you want to be. It wasn’t somewhere that I wanted to be that’s for sure. And yet I found myself falling. It felt almost like drowning because you just can’t see how to get out of it. […]

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Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority Review

The Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority or CHESLA is a flexible loan option for undergraduate and graduate students. This loan offers a fixed interest rate and an annual percentage rate between 6.35% to 6.50% over the life of the loan.   Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority: Current fixed annual rate is 5.99%. Annual percentage rate is between 6.35% and 6.50%. Minimum borrowing limit is $2,000. Maximum borrowing limit is $125,000. […]

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US Programs Provide Financial Aid for Veterans and Dependents

Veterans and their dependents face a unique series of challenges when funding their education. Luckily, a number of organizations offer financial aid and assistance to those affected by active military duty. The following resources provide educational benefits for veterans and their families: […]

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Best ways to obtain education without student loans

Here’s an interesting subject. Everyone wants to know how they can attend college or get and education without taking out student loans. The first thing to know is this process is not easy but it can happen. Remember, you must be creative and willing to sacrifice to ensure you take on no debt. […]

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Let the Military Help Fund Your Education

There are a number of ways in which the US government is prepared to help Active Duty service members, veterans and their dependents meet their career and educational goals. Use the following programs as a starting point in determining what type of assistance suits you best: […]

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Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant–or FSEOG–is often confused with the Pell Grant. The two grants are not one and the same. However, they do work in conjunction with each other. People who receive Pell Grants are first in line to receiving a FSEOG. Like a Pell Grant, it doesn't need to be paid back. […]

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How Much Financial Aid Can I Receive for my Education?

The amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive depends on your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) uses the Federal Need Analysis Methodology to determine your status (private institutions often use Institutional Methodology). You can get a basic estimate of your EFC and through the FAFSA website and numerous other online calculators. Calculation forms will include the following: […]

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Student Loan ROI Calculator

This simple student loan ROI calculator is a tool for people looking to understand if going to school is the right financial decision. The calculation is pretty straightforward and shows the net present value (value of all future earnings in today's dollars) comparing if you go to school or not. […]

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