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Careers That Can Help You Pay Off Your Student Loans


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Do I Qualify For Permanent Disability Forgiveness?

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The Coming Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Shake Up 2013-14

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness act (PSLF) has existed for some time. President Obama has make higher education an important part of his agenda. He believes that education is a key ingredient in America’s future success. He has proposed several initiatives geared toward improving the quality of education in America and making college more affordable.  One of his key plays include a massive expansion of the PSLF act. […]

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Obama Student Loan Forgiveness For 2013-2014 School Year

For persons burdened with student loans in the United States and have been making regular payments Obama has proposed some relief for them as a result of current financial crisis facing many Americans.  The Obama Student Loans forgiveness plan clear debtors on all remaining debt providing that they have being making regular prompt payments. This double standard scheme caters for private sector workers who have being making prompt payment for a minimum of twenty years whilst public sector workers like nurses you would have being require to have an already paid your student loan within a shorter time frame than the stated twenty years minimum for private sector workers. […]

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Next 4 Years – Obama Student Loan Forgiveness

For many Americans, paying for and living under the weight of student loans has become a way of life. The next four years are starting to look a lot more hopeful thanks to President Obama’s “Pay As You Earn” proposal and Representative Hansen Clarke’s proposed Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012. Are You Eligible? – Verify Eligibility Here  (Help Is Available to Confirm Eligibility – Click Here) […]

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School Recruitment Programs

Looking for some options besides going to college right out of high school? Already in school, but looking for some training and job security? The United States Armed Forces might be able to give you the educational, vocational or scholarship boost you need through its recruiting programs. […]

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Myths about paying down your student loan fast

Right now there are several myths about paying down your student loan fast. Recently an article was published about a young graduate from Harvard Business School, Joe Mihalic, who payed off his $90,000 in student loan debt in the relatively short time of 7 months. Of course, many people were immediately interested to hear how he did it: After all, we've got more than 37 million people in the United States who are currently buried under an average undergraduate student loan debt of $25,000, and for those who are struggling with graduate school debt that number jumps up to more than $40,000. Not exactly the ideal situation when one is just beginning a new life, when one is just starting to earn money. […]

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The 2 Easiest To Receive Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Many students and recent college graduates are having trouble paying back their student loans. If you are having trouble making even minimum payments, you may want to look into some of the programs out there that help students pay their debt. These are the 2 easiest to received student loan forgiveness programs. […]

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Student Loan Debt Relief

Depending on the kind of student loan that you have, there are student loan debt relief being offered you can take advantage of to ease your burden in repayment plans.  To benefit from this kind of measure you need to know which reliefs you qualify for and will be of great assistance to you. This calls for you to know the various kinds of available loan relief options you can choose from. […]

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