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FedLoan Servicing Student Loan Company Review 2014 The federal government is the lender, but federal loans have servicers as go-betweens between the government and you, the student. FedLoan is one of those servicers. These types of services make the borrowing process much less confusing. Their website is excellent and easy to navigate. It is painless to view your account balance, summary, and other details. You can make payments quickly and easily online, as well as set up payments in advance and view your payment history. […]

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List of student loan consolidation companies for 2013

Trying to find a loan consolidation company can be difficult, if you don't know where to look. Different consolidation lenders provide different benefits and payments schemes for students, depending on their economic hardship and credit score. With the daunting task of paying off multiple loans, consolidating is the best choice most students have to avoid going into default. Here are some of the top loan consolidation companies to consider. […]

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