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Compare Private Student Loans to Federal Stafford Loans

Developing a plan to pay for college is a daunting task. The differences between the various student loan choices can be confusing. ¬†Two regularly considered choices are private student loans and Parent Plus Loans. Before comparing these two loan options Jim Holt and Steve Wynne of Student Choice suggest that all students do the following: […]

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Bridging The Gap: Grad Plus Loan

If you're researching a Grad PLUS Loan (Graduate Student PLUS Loan), chances are you know the major change that occurred recently: students themselves are now eligible for the loan which previously was available only to parents of undergraduate students. The Grad PLUS Loan helps to bridge the gap between financial aid awarded to a student and outstanding costs of attendance he or she might have. Though it's available directly to the student borrower now, it's only awarded to graduate and professional school students. […]

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