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Citizens Bank Student Loans Review


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SaveUp Review

Graduates and undergraduates struggle more and more every year to pay off their student loans, especially with the difficulties in the employment market. It's also becoming more difficult for students to obtain loans to begin with, given the raised standards of lenders. Cash back credit cards are becoming the new thing for undergraduates and graduates to get in order to help them pay off their student loans while building their credit rating at the same time. Students can spend money and receive a percentage of what is spend back in their accounts, which can be for personal use, turned into gift cards or credited back to their credit card account. […]

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Smarterbanks Review

Last week we looked into new ways to pay down student loans and we discovered this service, that radical yet fairly simple program which uses play to engage and inspire borrowers to save money and pay down debt. This week we're going a little bit farther out onto the new wave by looking at a partnership between an FDIC-member bank and a student loan information website. The two have pooled their resources and have created a debit card rewards program which enables borrowers to pay down their student loan debt each time they use their debit card. This article is a SmarterBank review. […]

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