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Financial Aid for Older and Non-traditional Students

These days, you can attend college and university at any age, people don’t have one career but a few, and often older adults will return to school to complete a degree they began working towards as young adults. Experience is valuable, and often people are able to base their careers on their experience, but paper can be valuable too. It is becoming more and more common for people to go back to school for a diploma they need to further their career, or change careers perhaps. Older students and non-traditional students are becoming increasingly commonplace on campuses. […]

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Government Grants for Students

For many students today, borrowing and acquiring debt are assumed parts of going to college.  Instead of automatically applying for loans, students should investigate all other options of funding their education.  Grants are an excellent way of paying for college because they are considered need-based gifts and usually do not require repayment, unlike student loans.  In addition to private sources, like clubs and specific schools, the US government also issues grants. […]

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The Inside Story of Athletic Scholarship Eligibility

Contrary to popular belief, it is probably more difficult and more time consuming to land an athletic scholarship than an academic one. The major college sports governing body (the National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA) oversees the eligibility and recruitment requirements for most college athletic programs, but individual institutions also have their own rules, regulations and procedures in place. This is why there is a huge industry in this country that offers free and fee-based assistance to student-athletes seeking to establish eligibility for an athletic scholarship. […]

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Getting a College Scholarship if Your Parents Can’t Pay

As if planning to leave home for the first time weren't difficult enough, some students on their way to college have to figure out how to pay for it because their parents can't. These students face another problem, too – a mountain of advice, some of it conflicting and contradictory, about the application process for scholarships. […]

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Is There a Dollar Limit on Scholarship Amounts?

One of the main questions that counselors and scholarship advisors are asked is, “Is there a dollar limit on scholarship amounts?” interestingly, the answer is a resounding, “Sort of.” While there are really no federal or state laws setting dollar limits on scholarship amounts, there are as many restrictions, limits, qualifications and technicalities concerning college funding as there are scholarships available. […]

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Tips for Understanding the Application Process

There are plenty of articles about finding scholarship money, filling out the applications and what mistakes to avoid when you do that. There are far fewer sources of help, however, for understanding the application process itself and dealing with the assumptions and mindsets that lead scholarship judges to pick one certain applicant over another. Here are some tips for approaching the application process with an understanding of the human side of the equation. […]

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The Student Loan Scam- Book Review

“Education is life” as what J. Dewey says, that is why there are lots of programs created to help and convince people to continue education. Through education, ignorance has been eliminated. Aside from scholarship programs, student loans have been introduced to help those students who can’t afford to pursue their studies, preferably the low and middle class families. At first, student loan had been very helpful and effective. Many students have finished college and were able to land a job. Because of the successful output of this program, US were able to change the world, especially in the field of technology. Through this achievement, many students were criticized to continue to school. That was a way better before since tuition fees are very affordable. However after decades passed by, the insight of student loans has been changed. Instead of helping   the less fortunate people, they are the ones who put them down. So loan companies are making student loan scam. […]

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Let the Military Help Fund Your Education

There are a number of ways in which the US government is prepared to help Active Duty service members, veterans and their dependents meet their career and educational goals. Use the following programs as a starting point in determining what type of assistance suits you best: […]

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Where Do I get the Ca-Ching for College?

Money for college is less than scarce; it can be easy to come by, as long as you're willing to be resourceful. One of the most common sources for money for college is student loans. They can be co-signed for by parents who will share the responsibility of paying back the loan. A better and more cost-effective way to pay for college is through scholarships. Depending on the school that you attend, there may be additional resources right there in your school's financial aid office. […]

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What Does A Sample Letter Of Inquiry For Private Scholarships Look Like

You’ve done your research and found opportunities for a scholarship. In fact, you should have found between 30 and 40 opportunities. If you haven’t found that many, you have not finished doing research, because that’s the number of scholarships available to the “average” student (meaning if you're above average, you should have found even more). The next step in this important process of getting help to pay for your higher education involves having the application sent to you for completion. […]

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