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Student Loan News – December 27, 2013

Here are the best articles from around the web this week talking about student loans… For the week ending Friday December 27, 2013 Student Loan News: 1. You Can Still Save for Retirement When You Have Student Loans:  If you have student loans, you already know they can be overwhelming. But as any responsible spender knows, they aren’t the only demand on your budget. […]

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Best Way To Avoid Student Loan Default

Do we really have to say it? The best way to avoid student loan default is to pay the loan off. But how to plan for it? So how can you avoid a student loan default from the onset?   Understand Your Needs and Your Loan Figure out exactly how much you are going to need. Include whatever you can’t cover yourself by whatever income you have coming in; then borrow no more than that amount. Do not accept a higher amount offered; it tends to get you in trouble. Then look at your loan documents carefully and make the best choice for you. This is a legal document that you have to live up to for some time. Understand the refinance options, the monthly payment, the rate, and when the repayment plan starts. […]

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7 Tips To Make The Most of Private Student Loan Consolidation

It is becoming more commonplace for students to have multiple loans in order to afford the high costs associated with college. However, there are options to help reduce the costs associated with loans and interest rates, and one of these is consolidation. Consolidation is the combining of loans together and paying a lender one fee each month to cover the costs of the other loans. This can make it much simpler for students who are struggling with paying off their student loans. […]

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SunTrust Private Student Loan Consolidation

SunTrust Bank is a well-known banking company with over 1,600 retail branches in the United States. A member of the FDIC, SunTrust Bank has also been a Better Business Bureau accredited business with an A+ rating since January of 1967. Their website contains a wealth of valuable resources for a college student looking to find information and funding, or considering refinancing their current education loans. Included is a Step-by-Step Guide to financial aid, a budget calculator, and funding analysis calculator, as well as individual guides for tax benefits, money management, and scholarships and grants. They also provide an extensive compliment of financial services, including student checking accounts, student loans, and student loan consolidations. […]

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Student Loan Default Explained

Student Loan default occurs when the borrower has missed payments. The number of payments it takes to go into default will vary by lender. If your student loans are federal, default occurs after nine months of missed payments. However, with private loans default can occur after missing just one payment. Default can also occur if the borrower’s agreement is violated in any way. This includes starting bankruptcy procedures. As soon as a loan goes into default the entire balance is due at once. The consequences of default can be severe but hopefully this article will show you how to avoid it. […]

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9 Consequences of a Student Loan Default

What happens if you default on the student loan? The government actually has a very powerful tool that it uses on those borrowers who do not make student loan payments. The tools that are used by the government include… […]

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