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What to do BEFORE Defaulting on Your Student Loans


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Road to Recovery: What to Do if You Are Drowning in Debt


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10 Things to Understand about the Treasury’s Inquiry into Marketplace Lenders

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What if You Can’t Afford Repayment?

If you can’t afford to repay your loans you’re going to want to make sure that you are doing everything possible to stay on top of it. You need to understand what happens when you don’t pay your student loans. This is going to require you to make payments in one of several ways, the traditional way, or one described below. It’s also going to be important that you understand how to avoid going into default (that period of time when you simply stop paying your loans without making arrangements with the government). […]

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Best Way To Avoid Student Loan Default

Do we really have to say it? The best way to avoid student loan default is to pay the loan off. But how to plan for it? So how can you avoid a student loan default from the onset?   Understand Your Needs and Your Loan Figure out exactly how much you are going to need. Include whatever you can’t cover yourself by whatever income you have coming in; then borrow no more than that amount. Do not accept a higher amount offered; it tends to get you in trouble. Then look at your loan documents carefully and make the best choice for you. This is a legal document that you have to live up to for some time. Understand the refinance options, the monthly payment, the rate, and when the repayment plan starts. […]

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Romance while you still have student loans?

Everyone needs someone to love, even when you’re broke! Seriously, people must ask themselves, can I have a relationship while having student loans? I know it sounds crazy but it’s a valid question for so many different reasons. Hopefully by the end of this writing, you can make a good decision on your personal situation. […]

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Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Move Home After School to Save Money?

Ahh, you’ve finally walked the stage, grabbed your diploma and smiled for photos, college graduation can be a great time. What will you do when it’s finally over? Some people decide to move back home with their parents and are greeted with a rude awakening. After college, it’s time for you to take care of yourself and do what you can within your own power, don’t move home with your parents! Listed below are a few reasons why you shouldn’t do such a thing. […]

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When Do College Graduates Need Life Insurance?

Most students graduating from college feel like they have their whole life ahead of them, and the last thing they want to think about is buying a life insurance policy. They might think there is plenty of time to do so and place life insurance under the heading of something to buy at some later (unspecified) date. However, there are many reasons why college graduates should consider purchasing a life insurance policy. […]

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Best Student Loan Blogs

If you’re looking for information regarding financial management and student loans, the internet has plenty of them. So many that you can easily be misled and provided with incorrect information if you’re not careful. If you’re looking for the best student loan blogs online, we’ve detailed a few that we can vouch for. The sites we’ve detailed have a few common themes. They’re all updated and current, they have official information from credible sources and most importantly they’re fun to read and keep up with. So, read along and view our best student loan blogs online today. […]

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Should You Start A Business While You Still Have Student Loans?

Starting a small business has always been a major goal for many Americans. However, many people allow petty obstacles to obstruct their vision and eventually abort the long awaited dream of business ownership. Student loans are one of those obstacles that I see people deal with regularly. When asking yourself, “should I start a small business while still having student loans”, you need to answer a litany of questions and be totally sure about your plans. I’ve detailed a few questions to ask before you start the 2013 version of Apple. […]

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