Ahh, you’ve finally walked the stage, grabbed your diploma and smiled for photos, college graduation can be a great time. What will you do when it’s finally over? Some people decide to move back home with their parents and are greeted with a rude awakening. After college, it’s time for you to take care of yourself and do what you can within your own power, don’t move home with your parents! Listed below are a few reasons why you shouldn’t do such a thing.

New Habits: Hey, once most people get out on their own, they develop their own method of doing things. This new way of doing things is usually much different than what our parents have set forth in the past. For example, people may not fix their beds every morning and wash dishes every night. However, your parents may require this if you’re back under their roof. You know the old adage, “if you’re under my roof, you follow my orders.” Many times, parents don’t care about your degree; you still must obey the law of the land.

Save Money

Save Money

Need for Personal Responsibility: Another great reason why in my opinion people should never move back home is the need for personal responsibility. When you’re a freshman in college, you have no one around to tell you what time to go to bed, that’s your personal responsibility. People need to have this to progress in life and moving back home takes away from your ability to take care of yourself. You see when parents see their children in need, they usually offer as much help as possible. They’ll fill up the gas tank or put a few dollars in your bank account without you knowing. While those things are all great, people should be taking care of these things on their own. Now, I’m not saying turn down a helping hand but you should seriously consider getting too relaxed and reverting back to pre-college form, it happens more often than you may believe.

Disruption of Parents Routines: This is a great one! Once you’re gone off to college, your parents can relive their pre-children days all over again. We won’t mention all the possible things that could be going on, but I’m sure you can imagine. While your parents will never tell you not to come home I can assure you their privacy and freedom will be intruded upon by you doing so. You wouldn’t want to interrupt their daily rhythm unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Parents Financial Situations:  Now, here’s a touchy situation. If your parents are not in great shape financially, you don’t want to become an extra burden on them. We live in what’s commonly referred to as the “sandwich” age now. That’s where middle aged parents are taking care of children and parents at the same time, hence forth the “sandwich” term, their stuck in between. It’s not fun to be in that position and by you moving home, you can place extra, unwanted strain on parents. We advise people to be smart about this and make sure you don’t place parents in a situation to where they are forced to make a tough decision.

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