Everyone needs someone to love, even when you’re broke! Seriously, people must ask themselves, can I have a relationship while having student loans? I know it sounds crazy but it’s a valid question for so many different reasons. Hopefully by the end of this writing, you can make a good decision on your personal situation.

What type of relationship do you currently have: The first thing you must in this instance is “what type of relationship do me and my partner have?” You may have a casual relationship where conversation only occurs on the weekend and during free time or a more active one where you all speak every day. Determining the relationship type is key because for you to pay off student loans, you must have money and certain relationships require you to have cash available. Your partner must also be understanding of your situation. If you’re trying to aggressively pay down your loans, your better half should not bother you about purchasing material items and other things that will deter you from obtaining your goal. Make certain you have your financial situation out in the open from the beginning.


Romance While You Have Student Loans

Do you both have student loans: Here’s another great question to ask, do you both have excessive student debt you’re paying off? If so, you should keep this relationship casual and continue focusing on what’s important, paying off the student debts. Let’s be honest, everyone falls in love at one point of time or another. Until that happens, be sure to keep your financial situation at the forefront of your priorities and be sure your partner does the same. Having this foresight will save you problems in the long run, especially if you decide to elope or become very serious with your partner.

Do you both have a solid financial literacy: The last thing you should seriously consider is your partner’s financial literacy. What does he or she know about their student debt? How can they help you make your situation better? What are the long term effects from their lack of financial knowledge, assuming they lack in that area? These questions are more important than you think as your relationship may become unbalanced and difficult to manage if a mutual financial understanding isn’t agreed upon. For example, you may want to save up to pay down more debt while you’re partner may want to party and have fun. That is a common financial understanding that usually leads to some sort of heart ache and pain.

Everyone will have a relationship at one point of time or another with someone. It’s a great thing as long as your prioritize your time and always be honest with your partner. Being in a relationship can also be reassuring when you are going through tough financial times. Your partner can be the one to tell you things will be just fine and give you that extra push when you’re lacking. I have no problem with having a relationship while paying student loans.