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Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant–or FSEOG–is often confused with the Pell Grant. The two grants are not one and the same. However, they do work in conjunction with each other. People who receive Pell Grants are first in line to receiving a FSEOG. Like a Pell Grant, it doesn't need to be paid back. […]

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SimpleTuition Review

College tuition and related costs are getting more and more expensive as the years go by, making it more difficult for high school students to afford or even consider college. Due to the credit crisis, lenders have also increased their standards as to who can receive a loan. This leaves more and more undergraduates desperate to accept loans that don't fit their needs, especially when they don't understand how loans work or how to stop around for them. […]

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Simple Tuition Student Loan Consolidation Review

Paying for college can be difficult for someone who isn't employed and is facing the ever increasing costs of tuition and college living. Lenders and loan consolidation companies are always looking for new ways to make it easier for students to pay off their loans, such as eliminating origination fees and cosigner release from the original debt. However, Simple Tuition is one of the few loan consolidation companies that makes it even easier for students to pay off their loans without bringing themselves closer and closer to bankruptcy. […]

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Who Needs Student Loans?

Who needs student loans? Conventional wisdom says anybody who needs money for school! Simple question, simple answer. But there are slightly different scenarios for needing the money from a student loan program to pay for school. Generally speaking, people who need a student loan are those who want to make an investment in themselves and their future, and have decided that it’s worth going into debt in order to have some financial payback and security farther down the road in his or her life. […]

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Student Loan ROI Calculator

This simple student loan ROI calculator is a tool for people looking to understand if going to school is the right financial decision. The calculation is pretty straightforward and shows the net present value (value of all future earnings in today's dollars) comparing if you go to school or not. […]

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