If you are a current or former student and are looking for valuable information regarding your  student loan and financial programs that could help you pay off your debt earlier and without hassle, you should know the Internet is a great place to start. There are numerous blogs that contain all the information you are looking for, and the following ten are just some examples of websites covering this topic. Most of these are updated on a regular basis and contain information from official, credible sources, and are fun and easy to read at the same time. So, if you are looking for some useful information, you may consider visiting them.

1. The Student Loan Network

This is one of the most popular blogs about student loans and can be accessed at www.studentloannetwork.com. The type of information you can find here includes tips and tricks for students who want to better and more efficiently plan their finances and deal with common difficulties. The search feature on this website is particularly useful and allows you to search for certain questions that have been answered in the past, as well as articles containing the information you are looking for. Last, but not least, the information on this blog is updated frequently, so if you are looking for something up-to-date, this is the first place you should visit.

2. Studenomics

Studenomics is another resource worth considering and is available at www.studenomics.com. What makes this service stand out from the others is that it contains information that covers more than just ways of better managing money. For example, visitors can find out how to gain more financial control, as well as different approaches and methods that could help them make some extra cash during college. Subjects such as stock trading and starting a business are also covered. So, if you want to avoid debt problems by staying one step ahead, this is one website you should visit frequently.


3. Financial Aid News

The website www.financialaidnews.com tackles the problem of student finance in a different way. Information about financial problems and changes a student needs to deal with during college are covered in detail. In addition, if you want customized information about the scholarships available to you, you can create an account and benefit from some extra services that are only available to members. At the same time, if you are interested in finding out more about the financial aid system and how you can use it in your advantage, this is a great place to start.

4. College Loan Consultant

College Loan Consultant (www.collegeloanconsultant.com) is a resource of articles that contain in-depth information about the products currently available on the market, as well as different ways students could seek assistance when it comes to repaying their loans. Various consolidation programs are presented, along with their advantages and disadvantages. This blog is also the right place to find information on topics like tax breaks for your student loan. The information is straight to the point and easy to understand, so if you are looking for something simple and easy to digest, this may be the best resource for you.

5. The Student Loan Down

Student Loan Down(http://blogs.wellsfargo.com/studentloandown/) is a blog sponsored and hosted by Wells Fargo, one of the most popular financial institutions in the country. The main points covered by this blog are the daily issues a former student can expect when it comes to paying back his or her loan. All these problems are discussed in detail, and solutions to them are also presented.

6. Rock the Vote Blog

Rock the Vote (http://www.blog.rockthevote.com/) is a student resource that is home to a large number of discussions that are of a particular interest to students. The blog is updated regularly and covers not only issues regarding student loans and financial problems, but also general college campus problems, providing advice for each issue.

7. Next Student

The site https://nextstudent.com/ is another valuable resource aimed at students from all over the US. It covers a range of topics, from daily issues to state-specific information on student loans and financial solutions.

8. iStudent Loan

The iStudent Loan blog, http://www.istudentloan.com/blog, is home to numerous discussions and answers for students with both private and federal loans. You can find opinions and suggestions coming from people who are in the same situation as you.

9. Blog Mint

Blog Mint (http://blog.mint.com/blog/) provides tips and tricks on money management for students, and, for many, it serves as one of the best online financial aid resources.

10. Student-Loans.net Blog

The blog hosted by student-loans.net (http://student-loans.net/blog) includes information about various programs made available to US students by financial institutions and also provides information about how to choose which program best for you.

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