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Government Grants for Students

For many students today, borrowing and acquiring debt are assumed parts of going to college.  Instead of automatically applying for loans, students should investigate all other options of funding their education.  Grants are an excellent way of paying for college because they are considered need-based gifts and usually do not require repayment, unlike student loans.  In addition to private sources, like clubs and specific schools, the US government also issues grants. […]

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Acumen Private Student Loan Review

The Acumen Private Student Loan is brought to you by After applying for a loan on Private Loan Application you will be redirected to the cuStudent Loans website. The main loan option is the cuScholar Private Student Loan. This loan is available for undergraduate and graduate students. […]

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Credit Union Student Choice Loan Review

Credit Union Student Choice Review The Credit Union Student Choice Loan is available for many different credit unions. A list of eligible credit unions can be found at Credit Union Student Choice Loan rates change with most credit unions. It is advisable to visit your credit unions Student Choice website listed on the above link to find your specific rates. […]

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Discover Private Student Loan Review

The Discover Private Student Loan is a great private student loan offer for undergraduate and graduate students. The Discover Private Student Loan offers fixed and variable interest rates. There are a variety of loan options for students enrolled in specific graduate programs, such as Law, Business and Medical.   Discover Private Student Loan: Fixed interest rates from 6.79% to 9.99%. Variable interest rates from 3.25% to 8.25%. Minimum borrowing limit is $1,000. Maximum borrowing limit is 100% of students Cost of Attendance. […]

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How Early Should I Apply For a Student Loan?

How early you should apply for a student loan really depends on two things: whether you are trying to decide which school to attend based on what kind of financial aid you can get, or whether you've designated your school of choice and need to figure out which loans you will use to pay for it, and how large they will have to be. Either way, you should first think about what kinds of free aid and gifts are out there once you've determined you will attend a school of higher education. You should exhaust these sources before you apply for student loans. […]

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