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3 Things Every Student Graduating With Student Loans Should Do

So, you’ve graduated. You’ve gotten a job, a new life, and you’re on your way. You’re paying rent, maintaining a car, buying food, clothes, and otherwise keeping yourself alive.   But you still have that pesky student loan. Here are three things every student graduating with student loans should do: […]

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When You Graduate, Is Your Credit Score More Valuable Than Your GPA?

When you are at graduate school all you can think about is getting good GPAs so that you can make your way up to a good career position. Your GPA reflects your knowledge but that is not necessarily efficient because some people are really good at “grabbing things” and learning stuff in class, but they are not good at applying that knowledge in real life situations. Practical application of all the knowledge that you have gained at your graduate school is what should really matter. How does one get to know how much a person is efficient in applying his knowledge in the practical world? Well, your credits say a lot about you as a person. They reflect your efficiency at facing the practical world, your ability to survive in the real world without creating a mess. […]

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How to graduate with no student loan debt?

College, one of the most important moves you can make in your life. It can also be one of the most expensive moves if you’re not careful. So, how do people usually pay for college? The most common methods include loans and grants. However, loans and grants are not the only options for aspiring students. Today, I’ll detail some methods to ensure you graduate college without taking on debt. Many have done this before and if you’re wise, you can do it too. […]

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Investing made easy for Graduates – Betterment Review

Investing money can be difficult for those who aren't experienced with the process and don't know who to turn to to get help. With the added stress of mortgages and taking out loans to pay for college, most people give in and go with the first investment company they come across without shopping around and seeing what other companies are offering. Most people run into problems because they don't invest enough, diversify their investments, or allocate investments properly for a specific situation, such as sending their children to college. […]

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