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What You Should Know if You Need to Take out a Private Student Loan


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9 Best Private Student Loan Consolidation Companies 2015

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How Do Student Loans Work

Now I know this site has probably thrown a lot of information at you about student loans and how you can avoid paying them and what helps you get loan forgiveness and things like that. This is going to go back to the basics a little bit and help you understand student loans a little better. It’s going to help you see what that loan does for you in the first place so you’ll know why you might actually want to get one (even without knowing how to get out of paying it later). […]

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Private Student Loan Interest Rates for the 2013-14 School Year

Needing to obtain a private student loan is a necessity for many college students. All experts advise that student max out all Federal loan opportunities before turning to the private sector. When applying for a private student loan, students should do a lot of research to obtain the most favorable terms. The private student loan market is constantly changing and becoming more confusing, as less lenders offer private student loans. The Lowest Rate May Not Be the Best Rate Susan Tompor, writing for USA Today, points out that students need to be especially careful of rock bottom loans. Be extra careful about jumping at the first student loan rate you spot online at 2.25% or      3.25%. Many of the bargain-basement rates on private student loans are variable rates. So, if interest rates climb in the next few years, as they likely will, you'd be stuck repaying that loan after graduation at a much higher rate […]

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Compare Private Student Loans to Federal Stafford Loans

Developing a plan to pay for college is a daunting task. The differences between the various student loan choices can be confusing.  Two regularly considered choices are private student loans and Parent Plus Loans. Before comparing these two loan options Jim Holt and Steve Wynne of Student Choice suggest that all students do the following: […]

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Wells Fargo Student Loan Company Review 2014

Combining your private student loans can make life simpler. You will have only one monthly payment, and it will be much easier to see where you are at with your debt. Some people do this as soon as they get out of school and others wait until the grace period for their loans is over to take advantage of that time without having to make payments. It is good to remember that loan consolidation is a process. First you need to research lenders, ideally you will want to find a co-signer, then you will need to apply, and finally you will need to be approved. The approval process can take up to 60 days, so you might want to begin the process before your grace period runs out. […]

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Acumen Private Student Loan Review

The Acumen Private Student Loan is brought to you by After applying for a loan on Private Loan Application you will be redirected to the cuStudent Loans website. The main loan option is the cuScholar Private Student Loan. This loan is available for undergraduate and graduate students. […]

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Trufit Student Loan Review

There are times when certain situations occur and families need help in form of financial aid to cover the costs of college education. Therefore, choosing the right student loan provider that is able to provide in accordance with their financial needs is crucial. But, how can you be sure that you have chosen the right provider that suits your financial needs?   […]

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Citizens Bank Student Loan Review

The Citizens Bank Private Student Loan option is called the TruFit student loan. This loan is available for undergraduate and graduate students. Offering fixed, and variable interest options, this is a very flexible loan. There are also higher borrowing limits for specific college programs. […]

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5 Steps to Private Student Loan Forgiveness

The application process for student loans varies depending on the lender and the loan type. The method may seem very overwhelming to the applicant. Outlined below are the steps that will assist in finding the money needed for you to fulfill your academic needs. First Step – Creating Your Budget When you start applying and you have received a feedback from the schools of your choice, check on their tuition, board and room costs including other fees. Ensure that you understand completely of what exactly you’re required. Also, include to the budget your daily costs of living that are beyond the basics. […]

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