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How to Avoid Student Loan Debt


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Road to Recovery: What to Do if You Are Drowning in Debt


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How Can I Pay for College?

The cost of higher education is an enormous factor to consider for anyone thinking about attending college.  With ever-rising tuition costs and a troubled economy, going to school can seem like a risky investment.  Even if you’ve been unable to save for college, there are options that might reduce or eliminate debt after school. […]

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5 Best Jobs in College To Have To Avoid Debt

So you go to class, you study, take exams, talk to your friends, eat, study some more, maybe party on the weekends, but you want more. You want to go out, or maybe even have a life. You have a student loan (or two) that you haven’t even thought about starting to pay back. You know to add to that debt is going to be a killer. […]

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Student Debt Management

Are You Seriously In Debt?  If you are having trouble paying your bills or are worried that your student may soon be facing foreclosure, rest assured that you are not alone. Debt management is within your reach, and repairing your credit score is a definite possibility. Most American consumers have faced a financial crisis in their lives. Whether your financial difficulties have been caused by a job loss, overwhelming medical bills or by everyday overspending, you can turn your debt around and, once again, face the future with a rosier outlook. It won’t be easy; it won’t be quick. But it can be done. And you can do it. […]

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America’s Best 3 Places to Avoid Student Loan Debt

Using information from Sperling’s BestPlaces, AreaVibe’s list of Best Cities in America, and CollegeStat’s listing of cheapest to most expensive schools in the country these are America’s 3 best places to avoid student loan debt, taking into account the cost of tuition, cost of the living, employment rate, housing, amenities and livability. […]

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The Benefit Of Moving Home After College To Save Money and Pay Off Debt

Since the housing-bubble burst in 2007, many graduates have discovered the benefit of moving home after college to save money and pay off debt. The amount of money saved can vary greatly from case to case depending on the borrower's family situation but generally, moving back home offers a sure-fire way to keep recent graduates' living costs at a minimum while paying down student loans. […]

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Institutional Student Loan

More and more in recent years, students have been going back to school and discovering how difficult it is to finance their educations, despite the fact that the Department of Education spends billions of dollars annually on financial aid for postsecondary education students. Thankfully, there are different loan programs that can help make financing secondary education that much easier. […]

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