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Beginner’s Guide to Financial Aid and Student Loans


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Best Financial Aid Packages for Out-of-State Students


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Six Best Universities for Providing Financial Aid

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Top 3 Christian University Financial Aid Departments

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All About the FAFSA

What do you know about the FAFSA? Chances are you don’t know a whole lot and yet this is the form that’s going to decide whether you’re eligible for scholarships and financial aid through the college or university that you’re interested in applying to. If you’re just getting started in college or even if you’ve been there a while it’s important to understand what this form really does for you and why you’re going to need it in order to avoid getting huge loans and repayment plans when you graduate from school. […]

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How Do Most American Families Pay For College?

How did you pay for your college degree? It may seem strange but there are actually a number of different methods that you can use to pay those tuition and book payments and different families throughout the country do it slightly differently. Personally, I had to take out student loans myself. I had some scholarships that helped in my first few years and I did get some government assistance during other years. I also had some money saved up. The largest portion of my payment however, came from student loans which I had to take out in my name. If you're considering the ways that American families pay for college then check out these. […]

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Financial Aid for Graduate School Students

Some people choose to go to school to open career doors; some people seem to go to school AS a career. Graduate students are some of the latter. It is difficult to remain in school for so long. The financial element is usually the most difficult part. Years and years of studies and loans might get you where you want to be career wise, but the average graduate student finishes school these days with $60,000- $70,000 of debt! It is DEFINITELY worth your while to pursue every avenue of financial aid available to you as a graduate student. The interest on student loans is difficult to pay off, let alone the actual principal. […]

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Financial Aid for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Students

Students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) face some additional challenges. Filling out basic information on standard forms can often be complicated. The first thing all students do when seeking financial aid is fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This form asks if you are male or female; that seems like a simple question, but it is not an easy answer to everyone. Also, the biggest supporters of students are usually their parents. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender young adults are often not on good terms with their parents because of the gender identity and sexual orientation issues. […]

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Financial Aid for Jewish Students

The Jewish community, like any community, strives to support its own members in order to ensure that beliefs and values are carried on. These communities tend to be more local than national. There is funding available, but when seeking financial aid from a Jewish community, you will likely need to apply to one in your own area and, ideally, to one which you are involved in. Below are some examples of the types of scholarships available to Jewish students. Some are for students who are scholars, some for students with financial need, and some for students who have experience and interest in volunteer work. Check online to see what is available specifically in your area and specifically to you. […]

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Financial Aid for Older and Non-traditional Students

These days, you can attend college and university at any age, people don’t have one career but a few, and often older adults will return to school to complete a degree they began working towards as young adults. Experience is valuable, and often people are able to base their careers on their experience, but paper can be valuable too. It is becoming more and more common for people to go back to school for a diploma they need to further their career, or change careers perhaps. Older students and non-traditional students are becoming increasingly commonplace on campuses. […]

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