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How to Get a Student Loan from

What is a student loan? As the name refers, a student loan is a loan taken by the students so that they can pay off their university or college fees and other expenditures related to their studies. These loans are dedicated for students who are willing to study, but due to their poor financial state, they are forced to drop out of their studies. Where can you get one? […]

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How These 2 Students Racked Up 6 Figure Student Loans

Whenever we think of college and all the great things that come from attending a world class university, we only ponder upon the victorious things like the first job and graduation day. There is another side of college filled with horror, poverty and extreme sadness. The world of student debt is where thousands of proud graduates live. It’s a very, very sad place…welcome, you are entering the loan zone. […]

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How to Get a Mortgage While You Still Have Student Loans

It is an open secret that these are tough economic times. Paying for your studies gets expensive day by day and the student loans are not enough to fulfill them. If you try to take a loan, you will hardly get one in a range of between $2000 and $35,000. There are much other expenditure like books, cafe, and other miscellaneous which have to be fulfilled by a student. So, with 1 or 2 student loans, you are not able to complete your studies. You cannot take a lot of student loans, as paying them off is a tough job. Once you are done with your studies, you get married, and have children; your expenditures will only be on the rise and paying off loans become tougher. Students are forced to take a mortgage of their property, so that they can easily complete their education. There are 4 best options for you from where you can easily get a mortgage while you still have your student loan. […]

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Which student loans to pay off first?

Introduction: In the quest for the answer, which student loans to pay off first, there are several variables that you must consider. Before you even get into deliberation, please ensure you know the total balance of ALL your student loans and credit cards. This way, you can create a plan that will work for your budget. […]

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Where Is The Money From The Student Loan Sent?

The money from a student loan is – generally speaking – only sent to one of three places: your school, your own mailbox, or that of your parents. Federal loans are sent to your school directly, which then disburses it as needed. For loans like Perkins or Stafford, the United States Department of Education works with the school directly to determine tuition and sometimes boarding and supplies costs. […]

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Joe Mihalic’s Destroy Student Debt- Book Review

The author (Joe Mihalic) is really determined to combat and destroy student debt from the student loan program that was imposed by the government decades ago. It was clear that most people were victims of student loan and until now, the problem of paying the loan still exists especially when there are quotas. […]

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Is A Student Loan Consolidation Right For You?

When you graduate from college and have to take a hard look at the debt accrued over your years as a college student, you might feel like it is a frightening prospect. This is especially true if you have struggled to find a job in a failing economy and have reached the end of any forbearance or deferment periods. At this time, you might be wondering how you are going to make your student loan payments, and whether student loan consolidation is right for you. […]

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Reasons Why You Haven’t Paid Off Your Student Loan Yet

College graduation, the best day of your life! On this day you’ll embark on so many new feats which includes a new career and new friends in new places to name a few. There is one other major obligation you’re on the hook for rather you realize it or not and that’s your student loans. Believe me, paying back student loans isn’t any fun, which explains why so many Americans place this responsibility on the back burner. Below are a few reasons why student loans don’t get paid. Take a very close look at these examples and make sure you don’t fall within any of them. […]

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Best Time To Refinance a Student Loan

For those students who are about to graduate from college, the idea of beginning to repay substantial student loan debt can be overwhelming. There may be questions about when the best time to refinance a student loan is, or if it is a good idea to refinance the loans at all. We have created a brief guide that will help answer some of the pressing questions for college graduates. […]

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Shocking Extremes People Have Gone to Pay Off Student Loans

How much are you willing to sacrifice to pay off your student loans? Some don’t even care if they get paid or not and some have such an extreme desire to shed debt that they go all out. How extreme are we talking, read below for some shocking extremes people have gone to pay off student loans. […]

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