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How to Pay Off Student Loans Fast

Get your student loan paid off faster by knowing how loans work and by using these simple tricks: In order to make money (which is, after the purpose for being in business), lenders charge interest on the amount you borrow, called the principal. The principal plus the interest is the total amount of the loan. The longer you have the principal on the books, the more interest you pay, so you are on a merry-go-round for quite some time. […]

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My Student Loan Done!: A Success Story

I financed my life through student loans until I graduated in 2008. I had visions of working hard and living a nice life. But debt was always stress and bound for my piece life. I thought about it how to pay them all debt without changing my lifestyle and my high hope of my life. When I graduated, I was bounded to my student loans. That was not a small amount, $22,500 dollar I paid. I was very scared before pay the total amount, but not as bad as I thought. A student in law school or medical school needs more money to finish the graduation, but that’s not a big problem if you can follow some step to pay off your student loan. I am here to tell all my secret of pay off my big student loan. […]

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How to Use to Pay off Student Loans Faster?

What is is a website created to help you in get rid of your debts. This website offers its users with various tools and calculators. You can use these tools and calculators to make a debt plan that will help you become debt free […]

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Should You Start A Business While You Still Have Student Loans?

Starting a small business has always been a major goal for many Americans. However, many people allow petty obstacles to obstruct their vision and eventually abort the long awaited dream of business ownership. Student loans are one of those obstacles that I see people deal with regularly. When asking yourself, “should I start a small business while still having student loans”, you need to answer a litany of questions and be totally sure about your plans. I’ve detailed a few questions to ask before you start the 2013 version of Apple. […]

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Grad Save Review – Let Family Help Pay Off Your Student Loans

There is no doubt that the expense of sending a child to college is increasing every year. Although there are a variety of student loans and grants available, they often do not cover the entire cost of a college education. In addition, such methods of financing a child’s education often leave a struggling college graduate with large amounts of debt. At GradSave, parents have another option for helping their children pay for the expense of college without having to rely on student loans. […]

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What’s The Maximum? Is There A Limit To Student Loan Money?

If you’re trying to figure out how to pay for college or graduate school, you've probably wondered if there’s a limit to the amount you can take out in student loans. Technically, no. Realistically, yes. Federal loans, both subsidized and unsubsidized, have very strict limits. (Subsidized loans are need-based and proof of financial need is required; unsubsidized don’t have need requirements but your education costs must exceed the amount of financial aid awarded). […]

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